Yorkies make wonderful pets and companions.  Due to their small size they are content to live in an apartment with little or no yard, or just as happy to romp and play in a huge backyard.  They will walk with you on city sidewalks or through country woods and meadows.
Yorkies are very active and can pretty much exercise themselves.  They are also very good at entertaining themselves AND you!
Yorkies are LAP dogs...they need a human lap!  They love to snuggle and cuddle, and remain very playful throughout their lives.  Each one has their own unique personality...no two are the same!

The Drawbacks???   Yorkies are small, and therefor, fragile.  They do not make good pets for small children who may accidently hurt a Yorkie.
They are very intelligent, but can be hard to housetrain...their parts are small and they need to "go" often.  Sometimes paper or puppy pad training is a better choice.  As mentioned earlier, they can be very active, so dropping a puppy happens quite often.  Even Adults have had a  puppy wiggle out of their grasp.  Depending on where and how they land, this can be fatal to a small puppy.
Yorkies are prone to several health problems.  Their teeth need care to prevent periodontal disease and early tooth loss.  They can have knee problems, sometimes to the point of needing surgery.   They can also have a problem with their blood sugar levels, especially the tiny ones.  Care must be taken to ensure that your puppy eats enough to support his activity level to keep him from having a drop in blood sugar.

This summary only touches on the basics, if you have further questions or concerns, please contact your veterinarian, myself or other Yorkie breeders for more information.

If you think a Yorkie is the ONE for you, I encourge you on your search for your perfect new baby.  If I can be of help in any way, please feel free to email or call....I love to talk Yorkies!!

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